Rome Redux

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I leave for Rome in about 11 hours. This will be an interesting trip - for many reasons - not the least of which is that this is the first time I'll have ever been anywhere twice (excluding ski trips). It won't be like I'll know the city like the back of my hand (since I was only there for two days the last time), but I'll have seen most of the major sites already so it'll give me a chance to visit just my favorites or see some of the lesser known areas. It's a little odd actually, it's altered how I've lead up to this vacation. Usually I spend most of my time wondering what I'll get to see, how I'll fit in any recomendations people have given me, imagining what things I've seen in pictures will be like in real life - things like that. This time, none of that (except St. Marks? Peters? cathedral - missed that the last time and get to see it this time). Not bad, just odd.

Anyway, 7 days, I'm staying in a bungalow, and joy of joys it's supposed to rain about 80% of the time I'm there. At least this time I remembered to pack my jacket :)


Bungalow, eh? Is that what they call a "love shack" over there? ;)

Only if the tin roof is rusted. BTW, met Tom Ridge today. Nice man...didn't seem to be carrying nail clippers.


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