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I am a hero to fish everywhere. Last week I brought a fishtank and a few fish to Jennie's 2nd grade class as a new home for Angel (a goldfish in a jack in the box cup). A few of the kids apparently asked if they could email me. That wasn't so unusual for them to do for a visitor but apparently I'm one of the few that write back. So now I get a couple of emails a day from a class of second graders asking about fish and how much I like fish and when am I bringing more fish.

And of course I'm a sucker so I keep finding myself browsing looking at all of the little plaster "roman ruins" or bubbling seachests and the like. I think I'm just trying to make up for the long since buried beta fish (poor little guy).

Other than a hero to fish, Martin and I are studs! a run up Si, then out dancing and we were taken over to a bridal shower so they could check off "get the two hottest guys on the dance floor to dirty dance with the bride". Aw yeah. Sherry counciled me not to let it go to my head - too late I think.


A clarification is in order. The bridal shower is where Great Aunt Millie comes over wearing a pink pantsuit and industrial strength old lady smell to give you cut crystal stemware with unknown purpose and advice on how to keep your man happy in the kitchen. The bachelorette party is when your friends take you, wearing a necklace of plastic penises and body glitter, out on the town to drink buttery nipples and blow jobs and dance with random hot guys, preferably on the bar. So, way to go guys. :)

Fish hero? Did you tell them about the fish that didn't make it :)? That's still one of my favorite stories. Funny as...heck. Hi, kids. T

Tiff, no they're pleasantly in the dark about the betafish. That's my burden to carry for the rest of my life :) And I seriously doubt the kids would be allowed to read this site, no need to censor yourself there ;) And moni, you're right, it was a bachelorette party. My bad. And clearly one lacking in apparel, she only had a garter and a string of normal round plastic beads.

yeah... bachelorette the bachelorette's girlfriends were more drunk and more willing to "dance" with us that the one that was "checking us off on her to do list" - From what I 'hear' I think guys plan it better...we just go straight for the lap dance from a stripper... :)


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