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Exercise lately, lots of exercise. My legs will be in shape for ecuador! But that's boring and I'm tired of the previous post being at the top of this page. So instead, a few pictures.

Monica's Uno de Mayo party:

Mikey's new place (please, no stalking):

Being the good geek that mike is he wants help moving, which doesn't entale movig boxes (actually it probably does) but means helping wire his house with Cat5. Ahh we're all such complete nerds :)


Yay, Zack! Thanks for immortalizing drunken Ouija and Pimp Scrabble. Sadly there are no pics of the hula-hoop tournament, lawnmower croquet, or the pinata hate-crime. Good times, good times.

And just what's wrong with wanting to wire a new house with Cat5 (you did it immediately, btw)? Anyway, June 3 is closing, so everyone keep June free for the myriad of housewarming parties... ;)


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