Dog language

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There was a study recently - I only know about it because it was mentioned on the morning show I listen to - that mentioned that dogs would probably be able to speak if they only had vocal cords. Speak as in use language. There are dogs with 200 word vocabularies, they figure that dogs can reason, lots of stuff. I decided to "test" my dog.

I have new data to offer the study. Dogs can understand speach, but not song. I had "play that funky music, white boy" in my head from having watched too much of the New Guy and sang "do you want to go for a walk" at her. Nothing. Now normally she'd be racing towards the door before I finished "do you want". I tried a couple of times, and while she did enjoy Queen she still didn't get what I was saying. Fascinating.

The study concluded, the patient was rewarded with a cookie and a walk.


Hmm...someone else who will watch The New Guy... Excellent.

Maybe it's just that you're a bad singer...


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