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Eurotrip definately came out on DVD recently, there's been a resurgance in downloading of the Eurotrip Mail sound - doubled the amount of downloads in the last week or so (10k, woohoo). It made me comb through the logs because I'm always curious.

Tony's novel is getting decent traffic, thanks all. He's going to try and add more content, let me know if it breaks in any way. duffman@ for all of your emailing needs.

Speaking of duffman, one of the high ranking referrers was from another guy's costume page. In a compliment to him someone said it made me (and my custome) look like a tool. Now come on. The paint flaking off the boots was crappy for sure, but a tool? that's a little harsh isn't it? I also apparently look like Brandan Epps (whoever that is).

Some random fool linking a 5 meg MP3 as the background sound for their homepage tends to spike the old bandwidth. right now he has a broken link though I'm really tempted to replace it with a recording of someone screaming obsenities :) Anyone care to volunteer? Bill?

Finally, food for thought. Over the last few days I've spent a disproportionatly large amount of time around homosexual couples and have found that a couple of guys is a tad odd at first but quickly forgotten, but a guy and a "woman" in heavy powder makup and scarf to hide the adams apple remains unsettling for the duration of the conversation. Not sure how homophobic that makes me. Probably way too much information to share here :)


Your WOT quote up there caught my eye. I stumbled onto this site a month or so ago because you were giving out that Euro Trip Mail Clip. Ever since then i've been popping in now and then to just see whats going on. Its a great site. Im sure that my approval means a lot to you. Farewell. :-)

Howdy Keith. Yeah sorry this thing isn't updated on any kind of regular basis. I figure I'd rather write something that will generate comments instead of "today I had frosted flakes for breakfast". Glad you grabbed the eurotrip sound, it's my mail sound at home and work - largely the reason for me using headphones at work. Cheers

You don't need a costume to look like a tool.


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