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Go me, I've got a GMail account. woohoo, gig of free storage. is now mine. I would have liked Zack but it was too short and kraken was unfortunately already taken. Getting the account was a rather interesting process. We'll do this backwards, ala momento.

I got my invite from Tony. Tony got his invite from GmailSwap. His offer for the invite was his "pope necklace". The "pope necklace" was a blessed rosery I gave him after I got back from italy (he had my blessing - ha - to offer it as a trade). He wanted to offer it because he isn't a devout catholic and figured someone who was would enjoy it more. I offered it to him because I had an extra and knew he was raised catholic. I had it to offer because I bought one too many on my rosery buying spree. I saw the pope. I went on a rosery buying spree because I was going to see the pope and he was going to do some kind of area-effect bless thing. I went to italy. I was born.

there, backwards all the way to the beginning :)



I'd edit your posting of your email address, if I was you. The spam spiders will find you. That reminds me, I need to put The Pope Necklace in the mail. Yesterday, the post office was closed because Reagan died. Oh, and my gmailswap listing for "A Rosary Blessed my the Pope" got mentioned in a nationally syndicated column. Here it is: The news release is actually what got it swapped. It had been listed for a week with no takers, and then this column hit, and the rest is (recent) history.

Nah, I figure this is a good way to see how well google filters spam :)


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