Passive Aggressive

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We have, what Scott has decided to label, a "Passive Agressive Rock Pile". Our front yard has a rock wall - or rather had a rock wall - that we've torn down to rebuild (we have the technology...). So basically we've had large boulders cluttering part of the common drive to our house for a little while - just a few feet off to one side but still. The other day I came out of the house to find two rocks set in front of my car. Just sitting there, vaguely reminicent of the Blair Witch Project. I figured scott had moved them for some reason and went along my way.

This morning there were more. I called to scott and asked him why he was piling rocks in front of my car, he said he thought I'd been doing it.

So there you go. Someone clearly upset with the state of the boulders in our front yard but not confrontational enough to say anything about it. The passive agressive rock pile.

Well don't worry, they should be stacked by end of day saturday.


I'll bet it's the old woman diagonally across the street from your house. You know, the one who thinks her arch-nemesis lives at your place.

The one that wants to "blow them up"? I dunno - I can't see her lifting big rocks. . .

She most likely has minions to do her bidding you know.

I heard you solved the mystery. You should tell everyone.


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