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I'm riddled with disease. Voluntarily of course. Got my first round of innoculations for Ecuador - Hep B (I already have A) and a tetnus booster. a week from now comes yellow fever and typhoid (my last one expired) followed by more Hep B.

Now I consider myself to have a relatively high tolerance for abusing my body. Broken bones or lots of bruises and I'll moan to get beatiful women to care for me but that's about it. I don't mind the sight of my own blood but other people's bothers me a little. But microbes. Microbes and viruses and all of those little buggers just rule me. Today started off feeling like I'd been whacked in the shoulders with a baseball bat. Now it feels like someone opened up my insides and decided to start plugging organs into different organs just to see what would happen.

Sort of takes me down a peg or two in toughguy-ness. The 70 year old ex navy guy with a huge grim reaper tatooed on his forearm (caption:death warmed over) that used to frequent my grocery store would be shaking his head in shame right now.


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