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I got a wonderful little bit of nostalgia today. I miss "Treats" the cat.

I'm at the dog park and there's a little beagle racing around chasing anything that moves and somethings that don't. "Farley!" call his owners, he happily ignores them. "Farley, here boy, come on!", nothing. "Cheese!" Farley comes running.

For those not in the know, Tiff has a slightly less than brilliant cat named Adolph. Adolph loves to cook his little kitty mind by placing it right on top of a heat register and barely has the motivation to breathe in and out. Call him, nothing. Call "treats" and he comes running. Well waddling.


Adolph just ran into a log.

remember that Eurotrip - mail motherfucker Paul

I sort of miss him too, but on the other hand, it's nice to be able to sit on my sofa with a black t-shirt on and not worry about it.

That was more caused by Snow than by my cat. He finds it to be far too much effort to shed.


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