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Just a quick little bit to share some fun had at Mike's 4th of July party. Justyn, Matt and a few other people headed down to gasworks for a brief look after everyone was done gorging themselves on BBQ and were handed a bag of fireworks (not really important why). Inside there were three "tanks" - those little cardboard machines of war that seem to somehow disappoint and be so much fun at the same time. We had them do battle. If you listen closely you can hear Miles scream like a little girl.

tank fireworks 1.5 megs (DIVX)

Also got to play catcher while sitting in a chair and getting sunburned, poured the patio so we're now T- 22 days until the hot tub is ready, twisted my other ankle, twisted it again for even more fun, saw spiderman 2 and killed off another character with tony. Plus I landed the sweet hotel for the hawaii trip, saw some classic muscle cars race at SIR with Jennie and stayed in bed until noon. It was a good long weekend :)


I like how you talk about D&D like it's just something you do. (Because it IS.) I'm used to people who treat it like S&M: something you don't talk about unless you're around others that do it. You should tell them that the reason you and Matt got killed was because you were standing six inches too close to something. Heh. Or you could say you got killed because I'm a heartless bastard. Either is true depending on perspective.

Hmmm. I vote hearless bastard

Very hear nothing.

If you have pictures of the softball game I'd like to see them. k thx

Heheheh, Tiff.

Yeah pat, I'll post the softball pics soon, I've been trying to work out a better slideshow/gallery thing so it's more - you know - good, but it isn't done yet. I'll probably just put it up normal like when I get home.

it doesnt work


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