could be worse

I had the occasion to be driving in downtown seattle this last weekend at exactly 2:00am. Two in the morning is the witching hour as far as hooking up for the night goes when it comes to the bar scene - after all, that's when they throw your ass out on the street. It was sort of interesting to see who "settled for" who as I drove along by the clubs. A gentleman in his mid thirties most likely, slightly balding, horrible white hawaiian shirt unbuttoned three buttons with a large silver chain is walking a blond woman easily a foot taller and proportionally larger than he to his car. The look on both of their faces as they strained conversation clearly said, "well since I couldn't manage to hook up with anyone else and don't want to go home alone tonight I suppose I'll settle for you." They didn't really look upset or anything, just sort of resigned to their fate for the evening and hoping for better luck next weekend.


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