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I was staring into my medicine cabinate this morning and saw a container of earplugs. It's a clear plastic jar - you can see that there are earplugs in it. It's labelled "Earplugs, in a jar". Now they have to say that they're earplugs for marketing sake, but you're looking at a jar. Is it really necessary to say, "hey, this clear thingy that looks like a jar is - in fact - a jar!!".

Made a "hat of shame" for a returning coworker. He really likes it - you can tell from the picture:

Oh yeah, the euortrip mail sound gained renewed popularity thanks to the release of the DVD. It has prompted a coworker and I to develop a new sound file for a ringtone, just substitute "phone" for "mail" in the clip - it should be good. Plus now I've now got two number one google ranks - duffman costume and Eurotrip mail - but I still can't seem to unseat an old (5 years) livejournal page as the number one for my own name.

Damn livejournal.


OK...so, along the lines of the hat of shame... My cat just strode into the house carrying his first kill...a mouse. Technically he's slain moths before... I think I must have just lost twenty bucks to someone; I just don't know who.


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