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Similar to the whole "watched pot never boils" thing, I haven't had a whole lot of luck with the remaining 5 sins. There was a shot at Wrath - a guy who didn't appreciate someone merging in front of him and so raced wrecklessly through traffic just to cut in front of the merger and hit his brakes. However that's less funny and more fear-for-your-safety, so I don't really want to include it. I'm looking for the kind of wrath that has someone take out a gumball machine because they got a pink when they wanted a green. Probably just need to stop looking so hard.

Team "At least we're good at air hockey" took trivia night - thanks in short part to "Schott's Complete Misculany". One really does need a book explaining the 33 degrees of the masonic order, who was on the $10,000 bill, and the 20 most common contradictonymns in the english language (amongst other things). Anyway, there was much griping by the "non winners" for points lost on technicalities. These people were seriously steamed that they didn't get a small pile of brewery T-shirts, nearly calling for blood.

Hmm, wonder if that counts as envy.


or lust perhaps?

Team "I Can't Believe It's Not Kokanee" snuck into second place last Wednesday as well; it has now become my goal to totally rebuild my wardrobe out of beer T-shirts.


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