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Rachel came home from a two month sojourn through isreal a few days ago so naturally we had a bonfire at Golden Gardens to celebrate. Bonfires always mean pallets - handily provided by the unguarded warehouse district close to the park - and pallets mean exceptionally bright burning campfires. Now in the past we've had problems with the blocks of wood being too large to fit into the fire pit, and as much fun as axes and hammers are this time we decided to bring some help.

Trent volunteered to be the man of action and happily began slicing through the pile of wood. Had quite the audience in fact - it's hard to ignore a chainsaw weilding madman on a beach - and eventually drew the eye of a man fastooned with cameras and flashbulbs. Turns out Sunset magazine is doing a piece on beach bonfires and we were "the most mechanized group" he'd seen. So here's hoping trent gets some national publicity.

Of course, then we lit the fire.

Now it may not look like I'm all that close, but the heat at that distance was enough to blacken the other side of the plywood. Trent and I take turns holding the "blast shield" and prodding the fire back into the pit. A good evening all around. Huge props to Jennie for catching these good action shots.

And now it's the slow march until friday for a real vacation. Hopefully I'll come back knowing how to surf! Fresh experience with wakeboarding should help.

Of course that image doesn't convey what happend in the next second where I land, get a forced lake water brain enima and have the board ripped from my feet. Good times, good times.


So, like, if I take a screwdriver and tie it to the dog's tail and put the dog in the hot tub and then put the screwdriver in the light socket, will the watermelon explode?

I can't believe that orange goo guy posted such a stupid question. What kind of moron are you anyway? I mean really, duh? The watermelon won't explode unless you first feed the dog a buttload of chili and then you have to coat the watermelon in marmalade. Sheesh!

that's funny. When I was in the scouts, we had this marching band dressed up like oompah's from willie wonka's and we all played with construction equipmnent as instruments (mine was the hammer and I would hit my head or my hand.. I could usually only get through a block of marching before I passed out) and like, wait, where was I going with that? Oh, yah, so, we blew up watermelons with m-80's... it was sooo coool !

Welcome to the page goos. For more stimulating conversation you can always go back to february and visit the eurotrip mail sound thread. praise, request for email, praise, bitch.. repeat.

you know those clown cars? The little ones with the the wind up key on top, though I do believe they run off of gas or even batteries and not really a rubberband, do you know where I could get one? With clowns? But, I don't want to pay for the clowns. I don't want to even feed them. Clowns scare me. I don't want to talk about it, but it was one of those childhood incidents involving a clown, midget, shaving cream, spaghetti noodles and some old rubber tires. It wasn't pretty and I still carry this emotional trauma. Oh, and I hate those little yard gnomes too.

Some people try WAY too hard to be funny.


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