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Leave for Hawaii in a few hours. This trip is already shaping up to be quite different from my normal travels.

The day before I fly I always spend an hour or so with Addie in the dog park - mostly to soothe my consience about leaving her for an extended period of time. It also sets my mood for travel. I stand in the open field, surrounded by scragly brush and weather worn soil with my shadow stretching long before me and I imagine this is what wherever I'm going will be like. a little hash, definately unknown but still enjoyable. I usually picture something like the outback or the african plains no matter where I going, I'm not really sure why. But this trip doesn't involve any of that. It's resorts and restaurants all the way. I think I'll end up savoring the time I have at diamond head and hunama bay. I shouldn't make it sound like I won't enjoy the other parts, they'll just be different.

It's also messing with my packing. I'm taking stuff I normally don't and leaving stuff I'd normally not be caught dead without. I don't need to bring soap or shampoo or large stocks of sunscreen, ibuprofin or whatever for fear that I won't be able to tell what's what with a million accent marks and oomlauts in the name. I'm also bringing shoes. Extra shoes. Fancy dress shoes that have to be kept non crushed as do their corresponding nice shirt and pants. Though I have plenty of room in my backpack my mind keeps screaming, "that's valuable space there! you could put two whole towels where you've just stuck one shoe tree". Again, not bad, just strange.

This will also be key insight into how Jennie operates under strange circumstances. Of my traveling companions Aimee, Scott, Matt and Mike have known how to handle themselves with whatever a trip throws at them while a few others (names protected) haven't fared so well. I'm fairly certain Jennie will travel well, it's how well her travel style and my travel style interact that will be interesting to see :)

And of course, some things never change. I have n+1 days of socks and underwear, nearly double the number of days worth of film (and hope to expose it all). My camera is tightly wrapped in my light weight shell for protection and less wasted space, I carry a small change of clothes and a weeks worth of prescription in my carry on should my luggage get lost, and I'm now going on 7 trips with american express getting none of my money for travellers checks :)

Hike, surf, dine and play - it should be a fun week.


If Douglas Adams has taught you nothing else, ALWAYS bring a towel

>a little hash, definately unknown but still enjoyable. DUDE, you should never partake of unknown HASH. It's one thing to get it from your regular connection, but there could be anything in that other stuff.

BTW I put your keys on your desk, and I hope you left your cellphone on purpose. If you need a ride back, let me know. I liked driving your car. :)

hash, harsh, same thing :) I really need to build an "edit post" functionality into this thing.

Thanks for the props - and film? don't you have a digital camera?


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