oh.. my.. god..

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A quick browsing of craig's list's free section turned up this:
11 Large Trojan-enz condoms

OK, these are 11 fully respectable, fully securely packaged, fully safe (expire in 2006) condoms for the more endowed. Specifically they are Trojan -Enz Large, lubricated, latex. They just weren't quite the right size (don't ask). We'd love to give them to others for joyful use, as opposed to the dump as joyless junk. So, to avoid undue embarassment on anyone's part, we are taping them (at 7:57 p.m.), in a rain and ego protective opaque plastic bag to the back of one of the two stop signs at the Northeast corner of N. 57th street and Kirkwood Place N. (a very quiet residential intersection in the Greenlake neighborhood). On the white bag is written in magic marker "Craig's List." Come and get them under the cover of night or in the broad daylight if they are still there by tomorrow morning. Enjoy!

It may just be me, but there seems something a little odd about taking free condoms taped to the back of a street sign. I mean, nothing says love quite like second hand condoms.

The free one righteous hamster on the other hand seems kind of cool. I wonder if it performs miracles or just prays daily.


I love it! The barter section of CL usually turns up some entertaining stuff too... such as a sushi chef seeking help building an underground bomb shelter or repairing a jet-ski.

I'd show up just to see who claimed them.


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