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Bill Bryson is one of my favorite authors - in his genre at least. Granted the travel writing genre isn't exactly packed, but I still enjoy his work. I try and emulate his writing style a little since I find it so enjoyable. I appear to have picked up one of his habits. Often in his books he'll set out to some pub for dinner and then the next day not be able to read his own notes. My inability to read my own chicken scratch has less to do with alcohol and more to do with the fact that I seem to have forgotten how to write. Unless, that is, I really DID mean to write "superhero filters" in relation to bumbershoot. Anyway

Bumbershoot was interesting as always. Musically I saw seal, left hand smoke, the pixies and a few other nameless but good bands. Also got to see Greg Berehndt - a commedian I like - and whoever was acompanying him for the day. Huge props to the electric snowflakes for superb slow led zeplin and ozzy covers.

More interesting, as always, were the people. I got a henna tattoo and a half naked man with scarves around his waist and bright purple eye shadow decided it would be fun to sit and stare at me while I got the inking. Not at the inking process mind you, just me. I'm sexy like that. A different, more clothed and more scarved, man decided to stump for John Kerry by doing his best macarena impression why stoned out of his gourd.

If we weren't a lock democratic state I'd worry.

Hippies inflating the tires on their off road baby stroller. The japanese man so excited to have his picture taken in front of a pine tree. The broken condoms on Memorial Stadium's astroturf floor. Kristin as cousin IT. Mike addicted to cloves. Fat reggae white guy. These little notes aren't really helpful for me in terms of writing, but at least they conjur up amusing images :)


The notes might help me. Now I know what I must bring to Mike's housewarming :).

Addicted is such a dirty word... and a bit harsh for three for the weekend... ;)

addicting may be a harsh word for what I saw. But I know you man. I bet you main lined WHOLE cloves at the nickelback concert. don't try and deny it :)

Thanks for getting a picture of scarf-man-in-glittery-shirt. He was my favorite Bumbershoot act.

*writes down on small notepad* Buy...lots...of cloves...for Mikey.


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