why have you forsaken me?

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I appear to have pissed of the technology fates of late. I'm not certain when I did it really, I'm only now becoming aware. Their cruel machinations only now coming to fruition. Wow, got to use both machinations and fruition in a sentance. Anyway.

I had two identical digital cameras. One bought as a replacement because the other was broken only to find out later the first could be fixed. So I sold the replacement on ebay. Just shipped it out two days ago. Now I can't find my original camera. I go from two to zero in, well I don't know. I only became aware of it yesterday.

That's not really bad. I mean it sucks, yeah, but that's just cruel irony. No, the real technological pisser comes when I try and archive my existing digital pictures. Get the DVD ready to burn and what's this? dvd burner doesn't work. But it doesn't work in such a way that its not working could lie dormant until just the moment I need it. Open "my computer" and there it is, happy, ready to go. Plop in a cd or something and nothing. opens and closes just fine. windows and the bios all say everything is just happy. It just doesn't seem to notice when it has any kind of disc in it. Bah.

Those are just the two most recent. Combined with my work computers subtle cruelty to me (what do you mean you don't have a network card?), my phone's distaste for being rechanged, and the ever reliable indicator lights in my truck. Well yeah. So fates, I'm sorry. Please accept this offering of fresh solder and ceramic capacitors, later I'll sacrifice some transistors.


Apparently, someone has summoned the technology tikis on you. Right now, there are little electron birds ripping up the connetions in your mp3 player. Don't look, it's too horrible.

I checked last night, not in the couch... though the remote fell out when I opened up the hide-a-bed... ;)


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