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First off, I don't sell out. Or if I do, I'm going to do it for a whole lot more than $150.

With that out of the way, I was fiddling with Google yesterday and got an odd little surprise. It turns out someone sold their Duffman costume from last year on ebay to the tune of $157. Actually, they didn't sell their costume, they were selling the service of making a costume. You send the size and he'd make it for you. It's actually not that bad of an idea, and his costume turned out pretty nice so he's obviously got some seamstress skills :) No problem with that. But I got curious. How many more duffman costumes are out there?

Okay, only two, not that impressive. What was a little shocking though was to see that auction number two (starting bid of $100) was apparently selling me. Yup. Me dead center between Tyler Durden, Satan and Naughty Snow White are now apparently pimping ourselves out on ebay:
Item #5526593279

Oh, you can't believe how much I wanted him to just be linking to an image on my site, but sadly he has it hosted somewhere else. You lucked out there "Jean Luc Picard", your auction was about to feature some donkey porn. Instead he just got an email asking to take it down.

And no, I don't have a ready supply of donkey porn or anything, it would have to be specially aquired just for this. Hmm, that would have meant looking for donkey porn. Yeah, maybe I lucked out a little on that one too.

But I'm rambling - it's what I do. Any other future duff costume makers or duff entrepenaurs (there's no way that's spelled correctly), feel free to make and sell the costume to your hearts content. You'll get more trouble from Fox's legal department than me I'm certain :)


I'm going to be famous!! Surely soft-drink endorsements and several book deals will follow for me as being the guy in the picture who wasn't Duffman. I mean Ebay man, how much more prestigious can you get?

hmmm, infamous is more like it. While there is some loss of dignity at being posted on ebay without knowledge, there is also the pride. The terrible, terrible pride. -Naughty Snow White

I find myself relieved that there are no pics of me and Zack. *phew*

Guess there's no demand for a half-assed Hunter S. Thompson outfit. Too bad...

Nah, people just know if they hold out they'll get the "nun with a bad habit"

How much more prestigious than Ebay? Try Amazon! (Although, admittedly, not in that shirt. . .) :)

Ahahaha, oh man, now if only I could have an image as a random quote at the top of the page :) Direct link for all future goodness:

Say Justyn, did you buy the entire wardrobe from Seinfeld, or just the puffy shirt?

Oh dear lord.

Ha Ha Ha Ha....I stumbled on this site a few days is it funny! -Greetings from Afghanistan-

No, no, Justyn, that shirt is magic on you. Really.

Moni...lies make Baby Jesus cry.

Who said I was lying Tiff? You'll note I did not specify which type of magic...

Touche, Moni. Touche.


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