Language, and blade

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Chicken strips, they're like peyote for dreams. Peyote's the one that gives you halucinogenic visions of the future, right? Anyway, they told me that Blade 3 is going to suck horribly. And that it will involve vorpel blades (slice through walls), that will lead to a giant vampire library full of Cthuhlu books where chinese vampires fight japanese vampires in a videogame involving thousands of bubble bobble characters. And it's always noon. And that's because it's really a virtual reality game. So it's going to suck.. at least according to the peyote.

But that wasn't the conversation point of the dream - the Language alluded to. No, see earlier on I had to get away from several "bad guys" in a nuclear powered sailboat as they chased me in a similar one. they shoot up ours and an innocent passerbys and as the reactors breach and the boats are about to sink the passers by ask if we're going to get a new boat. A little odd, but yeah, we talk and settle on me borrowing a boat. Then the strangeness happens.

See, we're in a comunist country. Or socialist. Something where everyone owns everything. When I say that I'm going to borrow the boat the communist asks how can I borrow something when the boat is already mine. You just use it as you need it. When you don't need it someone else will use it. Fine, so where will I park the (nuclear powered sail-)boat? I can't just park it in front of some guy's garrage, he'll be pissed. But it's your garage too, just as much as it is his.

So then I started to wonder. In a theoretically pure communist/socialist/utopian/zionist/whatever society do things like loaning and borrowing and debt exist? Do the concepts themselves just not exist or would new words have to be invented to describe them since "Borrow" and "own" and "some guy's garrage" are clearly inadiquate when the concept of ownership doesn't exist.

Then blade showed up and stared hacking vampires. Strange ass chicken strips.


Maybe I should write a book about it or something.

Minor point - but I don't think 'zionist' belongs in the rest of that grouping...

Were they your chicken strips, our chicken strips, everyone's chicken strips, or just the chicken strips yearned for in the child-like innocent hearts of all people who are not vegitarian?

More importantly what if the chicken did not want to share it's breast muscle for said strips. Does that mean I have to share my respective body parts in said society? Monty Python and the Meaning of Life anyone?

In the future, don't eat chicken strips before bed.....No one should be thinking that hard while there sleeping...

Patrick: yes. Twig: depends. If I'm talking about zion (sion, whatever) as the 300 mile squared city that is the physical manifestation of heaven on earth during the last days, one would assume in heaven you don't have to pay for your own cloud and harp. But even then it's a bit of a stretch :) should probably work in the ability to edit postings... Tiff: at the moment they were consumed the people could find no better use for the chicken strips than to sustain me. Jer: Hmm, don't remember meaning of life well enough - what's the scene? Damon: it's not an every day sort of thing. Like peyote, or the Spice Melange (reading dune now) - you just take it when you want a vision :)

We need your liver.


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