I got to meet an interesting fellow last night. For annonymity - and the fact that I didn't get his name - we'll call him james. he struck me as a james. Anyway.

Took addie down to Queen Anne to have a walk with Jennie, grab some pizza then watch a movie. While jennie was in Pagaliacia I hung outside with the pup and there was a fellow playing a gorgeous resonator (steel guitar) on the corner so we sat down and listened. Since it was 9 at night and no one was coming by he stopped to talk with me. Said he comes up to seattle about once a year from florida, "just long enough to get the florida out of me" he put it. Usually makes enough on the trip to pay for the trip but this year has been slow; that and he'd "squandered too much money on things I shouldn't have squandered it on" - I liked that line. The weather and the election has been keeping people a little tighter with their wallets so he wasn't doing as well - yeah that was probably a pitch to me, but I didn't mind. He told me some stories of the glory days at Pike's Place when seattle had millionaires to spare and the money flowed freely. Jennie came out and we said goodbye and he started packing up for the night. A backpack, a sleeping bag and a guitar case. Nice guy.

I could try and draw some grand conclusion about freedom or travel or prejudice and assumtions, but that seems a little... cold I guess. Just a cool guy to meet.

Finding Forrester was good as always, I especially enjoy the conversation about using conjunctions at the beginning of a sentance because - as should be well established by now - I am a complete geek.


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