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I finally wrapped up this years halloween costume. Given the amount of time I put into it I think I'll definately do a writeup, though it's going to be a little more complicated than the duffman one. No one was around to take a picture of me in it but I actually like the look of it just hanging up.

Anyway, Doc Ock:

It'll be interesting to see if how well I fit through smaller doorways.


I understand Rob Cockerham over at www.cockeyed.com is doing the same thing. May the best webman win.

Kick. Ass.

It will be interesting... I can't wait to see... ;)

Hey - Rob's costume write up is finished. Check it out: http://www.cockeyed.com/incredible/octopus/octopus1.html

Love it...where do you come up with these ideas?...

I was wondering, can you make the claws out of metal? and make them grab, pinch, etc.?

That looks awesome!!!How much will u sell it for?


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