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Today is D-day for me. sort of. I've been hired on, I'm now a full time, blue badge, completely sold-my-soul, 100% employee of microsoft. But today is "new employee orientation" which seems a little odd since I've already worked there for 5 years. I want to bring my mp3 player or gameboy or something and treat it just like a college lecture (hmm, wonder why I took 6 years to graduate) but something tells me that the "class size" isn't going to be that big. It's business casual for dress and I have the deep desire to wear my worst T-shirt there just to punish all of the other new hires for working in places like marketing. I'm cruel like that :)

Lots of other random crap but for some reason the little semi-haiku that keeps sticking in my mind - in terms of stuff that's happened - is "I've now been pecked in the eye by a bird of paradise". Which then causes my mind to instantly screem "BIZZZZIRDS" (a bizzare reference to a magic card). The haiku bit is from reading the cryptonomicron.

That's most of everything. Other little things but I need to get in the habbit of writing again because I haven't even though there have been things to write about. I've got all of the duffman pictures I think I'm going to get - 6 new contestants - and I still have to write up Doc Ock. Honestly though, I'm kind of waiting to see how Rob of Cockeyed.com"'s writeup turns out.

I think my brain is in random overdrive mode now. Normally I'd try and tone it down so I could go to work, but it's kind of fun and I don't have to do squat today :)

If anyone comments on this random blathering I'll promise to eat a bug. A big one. with a dozen legs and 6 wings.


Comments on this random blathering. You must now eat a bug.

In a random Halloween picture sent to me from a second degree acquaintence, there is a blurry Duffman in the background. A Duffman who looks to have used your protocol. Coincidence? Perhaps. But they are multiplying.

Much like those bugs with six wings and a dozen legs. Get eating and power up a level.

So Pat brought one of those bugs home from Korea, eh?

Yeah, the bug is pretty nifty. Pat put it in a jar. With some holes in the lid. Plus a stick and a leaf so as to more accurately reproduce it's natural environment.

I could send you a Camel spider...no wings but its looks will make up for it

Do I want to know what a Camel spider would do to you? Or is it like a Daddy-long-legs - all big and freaky, technically one of the most poisonous spiders, but unable to pierce the skin?

Here's a link to a picture... http://www.gophergas.com/funstuff/camelspider.htm#photo they look a lot worse than they really are...I woke up one morning and there was one above my bed that FREAKED ME OUT!!!! Not poisonous, at least the ones around herere I hear that there is one with venom in the states (New Mexico region)

holy crap! yeah, not eating one of those things. Looks like it would lay eggs in my gut that would later hatch through my chest.

what the heck are you guys talking about...i thought this was a site about whirling divishes!


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