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Halloween's over, it's november and that means a couple of things. Election day is two days away so the scariest part of the year hasn't quite happened yet. If you live in the US vote for the love of all that's shiney! Anyway.

It also means the anual massive spike in bandwidth for the site is over. just shy of 600,000 hits this year, not too shabby :)

There must have been quite a few duffman running around this year. Some have already sent in pictures but I'll wait a while before building a gallery.

Speaking of which, building a new gallery engine - it's halfway done (the uploading and part of the viewing) - but we'll give it a whirl now:
I want to add the ability to name pictures, have my friends upload new ones and leave comments. not too hard, just takes time.

"whirl" reminds me - I got to try and explain what a whirling dervish was yesterday. I said it was just kind of a chaotic thing that destroys or devours everything in it's path. They asked, "yeah, but why is it called a 'whirling dirvish'". I said it was whirling because everything was just kind of flung about in all directions and it was a dirvish because... um... that's what the name of the Magic card is?? So what the heck is a 'dirvish'? can you have a non-whirling kind? Beware! Here comes the shuffling dervish.


Ohh, better saunter away quickly from the shuffling dervish... ;)

Origins of actual dervishes from which your Magic card is derived. The first shows a dervish, the second explains the term and origin.

Looks like another great Hallowen Party...some of those costums are great!...absoulutly loved the Spy vs Spy....what an awesome idea...might have to steal that idea for a future party....also loved seeing a lot of comic book themed people (including yourself).....looks like a great time and some people with great ideas!


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