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Why do I feel compelled to own this?

It's broken and plastic and shitty and from the 80s. Hmm, that's probably why.



"Why do I feel compelled to own this?" Because... ...Arr the Kraken has been too long without a mascot. ...your foolish plot will be your undoing. comes with the original ToysRUs box and price tag. ...who doesn't need a shitty plastic (if evil) octopus?'s cooler than one of those "wacky wall-walker" Krakens one could also get back in the 80s.

Not to mention that the monster in question was a prototype for the monster that attacked Gillian Anderson on a Rolling Stone magazine cover.

and just how did you run across that little gem tiff? there's no "kraken" in the description so you would have had to been surfing for gillian anderson porn

Rumor has it that spending years in theater and the arts might make me remember vivid pictures with such craft in them. And don't forget the geek factor. To be fair, the Creature From the Black Lagoon was the other monster used to create the "Gillian grabber".


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