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I need a nickname. Or rather I need just one. The opportunity has arrisen for me to get my "US Nookie Team - Canadian Tour '05" baseball style shirt printed - I already have a T-shirt labelled "trainer" :) - and everyone who has or is getting one has their nickname on the breast. I chose the word breast over chest because most of the memebers are women and therefore "trainer" makes more sense. But I digress.

So I need a nickname but nothing seems really apropo. That can't be spelled correctly. So far as a general list I have:

  • Kraken
  • Sparky
  • Chicken Wing
  • Sir Hurts-a-lot (I injur myself with great regularity, so the following are part of that list sub catagory):
    • Traction
    • Accident Prone
    • Injury Prone
    • *Oof*
  • Plus the travel themed ones:
    • Viator
    • Wanderer
    • Jet Lagged... hmm, kind of like that one...
  • And of course the geek ones:
    • Ubergeek
    • Dork
    • Technoweenie
So what should I be? what's missing from that list? Who would have thought a novelty t-shirt would cause so much stress. Someone help me out here, I'm trapped by my own obsessive-compulsive dorkiness.


I have no freakin' clue wht you're talking about, but Traction or Technoweenie are fabulous.


I still like dr.hobbes...but Sir Hurts-a-lot is quite nice.

Traction. Definately

I like the sound of chicken wing...but I also like Tony's choice of Adorkable..

Paging Dr. Hobbes....Dr. Hobbes, please report to the T-shirt vendor. Code Red. I repeat, Code Red. This is not a drill.

You can't give yourself a nickname. That's not how it works. It has to be a name bestowed upon you by friends and/or enemies. On that note, I vote for Dr. Hobbes or Sir Hurts-a-lot (and I'm leaning towards the latter. . .)

Yeah I understand the rules of handles and nicknames. However the only nickname ever given to me was "chicken wing" and that just doesn't seem ideal for this situation. so come on "friends", get with the bestowing!

Well, technically there "ain't no thang" like a chicken wing... Apparently, the doctor is out.

Kraken's good, I like Tiff's suggestion of Dr. Hobbes... Remember, though, a great and wise friend gave you the nickname of Sir-Hurts-A-Lot... ;)

i'm still voting for the to-the-point "Geek". it's so much funnier when you're on the nookie team, you know?

Here's some more-- Well-dressed, Mr. Shabby, The Smart One, Pimpalicious, Chic, Poorly Maintained, On my Last Legg, Waning, Dilapidated, Seen Better Days, Help, Lucky, Got a Band Aide?, Kaput, No Good, Useless, Defunct, Insert Witty Name Here, Inadequate (real funny on a team of women), 12 inches (agian maybe funny on a team of woman...depending on there sense of humor) okay so there some more just to make choosing one more difficult...enjoy

Given my history of character names I like "insert witty name here"

Lots of letter, though. Don't want to make the font too small lest men be checking out your breast for long periods of time... Then again...

I like that one a lot but Tiff has a about "Jealous?"


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