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Does everyone remember the movie eurotrip? If not, there's a scene in there where our three young heros decide to visit a nude beach. Hot chicks. YAY! Only not. Instead there is just a sweaty herd of fairly out of shape nude men. "so.. many.. penises" is the line uttered. Yeah, that was basically my experience at the gym.

Having freshly sold my soul to the corporate behemoth I decided to at least use some of the perks and try out the Pro Club health center. Nice place, 4 pools, lots of weight equipment - it's nice to have a proper gym. The locker room is pretty posh but there isn't a shy guy in the place apparently. And you have to remember that while the club is used by professional athletes it's also used by the legion of microsofters. Generally speaking, as an average, microsoft employees aren't really in the best of shape either. Really skinny or incredibly fat they all seem to share a desire to strut.

I've got no problem displaying my wares, going commando, dangling some tackle, whatever. But when you're in a narrow aisle of lockers, a guy is using the locker behind you and a fat hairy naked man has to squeeze - litterally squeeze - between you to get to his area it's a little... unpleasant.

I hope I've fully captured the experince for you.


So I am still sore... arms my arms are's from working out (just to be clear) :)


Why in this twisted mind of mine did the movie Carrie suddenly come into view?! I guess I was trying to go to a happier place.

Fully captured, in far too much detail... (I second Moni)

just close your eyes and find a happy place

Bye the Bye.....I lived 5 years in Europe and must say...the topless beaches and nude beaches...always seemed to have way to many people that shouldn't be in public wearing a swimsuit much less go nude!...(in my best impression of Marlon Brando...."The Horror....the horror..."

Something tells me I wouldn't want to close my eyes and stumble around with a bunch of these guys around, Damon :) And agreed on the europeans. At least the germans. Time there taught me that the larger and hairier the man, the smaller the speedo they liked to wear!

To true....especially the Germans....German Granmas running around the swimming pools topless....after way to much sun and after to many years of Earths gravity taking it's the saunas..there was another story :)

I meant toll not tool

Germans have no uptightness about the body like americans. We wear speedos so what you don't. Not true about the speedo and hairier, we youngs men wear the same speedos and we has no fat or lots of hair. Why would you wear shorts past your knees on a sunny day? Everyone around the world thinks that this is ridikulous!, more so than speedos that my papa says all the Americans used to wear until the last 20 or 30 years. Just my piece....Thank you.


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