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walking the dog... walk, walk, walk... lovin' the fresh air

Yo that is whack - ain't no way I'm doin' that!

well this aught to be an interesting conversation to hear...

Ain't no fuckin' way I'm working no part time job and goin' ta school. Ain't no way!

Why not? I do, and I play sports!

And you earn what? $100 a week. That ain't enough to cover your insurance premium. If you can't pay your car insurance with what you earn by using your car to go to work you're actually losing money. It's a dead end job, yo!

Hmm, astute little thug.

Look, I earn $250 a week, I pay my premium and I save the rest dawg. I gots enough saved up so when I take a honey out I shows her a good time.

Aww yeah, I hear that!


And that's basically word for word the little one act play performed for me tonight entitled Playa Economics. I half expected to hear "Their P/E Ratio is shit yo! My benjamin's belong in T-bills". Or something like that at least. I live in a strange neighborhood.



That's off the Heezy for Sheezy, yo.

$100.00 a week?.....$250.00 a week?....where are these people working?...a car wash?

probably - they were teenagers afterall. Damn youth. Get off my lawn!

Oh crap! Old Man Birkenbuki's got the 411 with his shotgun! Foshizzle! We out.


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