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I like the line "you have been measured and found wanting". Maybe I'm mixing it up a little but that's the basic jist of it. Tony told me once where it came from but I've since forgotton. Anyway, it seemed applicable yesterday since it was another round of interviews for a new hire.

As lead dev I get to try and do a quick technical assesment of whoever shows up. Sometimes chad helps, sometimes not. Anyway the process is the people get dropped off at my office for about a half hour then my boss comes and gets them, sends them to his office then quickly comes back for a "score" before conducting his half hour interview. Yesterday there was one fellow denied that second part.

Boss came back for the quick score and I just shook my head. He was shown the door. I felt bad, like I'd just turned my thumb down and ordered him to be eaten by lions - not quite that bad but still. Hmmm... nope, no employment for you. I didn't really enjoy the sensation, no rush from a power trip or anything. Makes me think I could maybe manage, uh, managing people - the delegating work part - but when it comes to firing people I don't really have it in me.

Unless you're a pissy tile layer who cuts everything crooked and then insists nothing's wrong. Then your ass gets hit by the screen door on the way out.


I take it this last one is from experience... ;)

The lines from "A Knight's Tale"


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