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Aha! Damon, you've been found out. Or at least I assume so. There can't possibly be that many american soldiers stationed in afghanistan with a first name of Damon who would happen across this site AND be an avid read of cockeyed.com.

So now we have a last name, the tormenting can begin. Well once you're home in, what, two and a half weeks? Not soon enough I'm sure.

I am giddy with ill gotten knowledge. The best kind really.


Yes, I saw that on Rob's page earlier today about a wedding gift from Damon. Thanks Zack for taking care of this question.

Agreed - I had a hunch. . .

Looks like my secret identity of just going by Damon has been blown….Yes that is me I sent Rob and Stacy a little something through PayPay...I wanted to send him something totally crazy but was restricted to using PayPal...didn’t bring a credit or Bank card with me...Good to know there are Cockeyed readers here as well! Soon my secret identity on eBay will be blown and who knows where that will end up?!

I meant PayPal....not even going to start that again!

No, I think "PayPay" is a better name for the service.

PayPay...sounds like a good name for a panda. Hmmm...PeiPei, perhaps?


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