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I finally got word back from my temporary doctor (regular doc was out of town when administering tests). Everything is fine. Healthy as can be. So basically they don't know what the hell it was. I suppose that's okay since it's gone now (good call twig) but still kind of strange. I guess Cypro kills all. At least I found out that you can only just barely fit "Incan Gringo Death Rot" as a bowling name, though you have to leave out two spaces.

Worked my first 60 hour week - not going to be doing that any time soon - which probably feels worse for coming straight after two zero hour weeks. The one day off was productive though. Found out more about what it takes to be a groomsman, which is good since now I'm going to be a groomsman in a second wedding. Enjoyed some 6 pound pizzas from northlake followed by a flaming alcoholic birthday party which I was sadly too tired to enjoy propery (plus my drinks don't tend to catch fire). Vague plans were made for vagas some time in april.

And lest it ever be forgotten, kicking justyn's ass at bowling for once in my life was quite enjoyable. Hear that J? My 143 completely stomped your 142. Yeah. The subsiquent and more typical 112 loss to 155 was less enjoyable.

Anyway, work calls again. *sob*


Oh, the humanity! Why has fate chosen to torment me with such abysmal cruelty? How shall I ever recover from such a merciless beat-down rendered by a man I once deemed my friend? Oh wait . . . I already did :) If it makes you feel any better, I didn't even break 100 in the last game. It wasn't pretty.

May you never know the joy of an 80 hour week.


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