Second Ascent

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Well, we're now in Otavalo after our attempt on Cayambe (19,000 feet).  You'll note I didn't say successful attempt.  Sherry and I made it to a little over 17,500 - a few made it to just over 18k - and then the gale force winds, binding ice storm and 15 degree drop in temperature set it.  Really too bad too since the day before we'd been out training on the lower portion of the glacier (the "terminal morrain") in nice weather with clear skies.

When we finally got back down to the hut we me the group of people who had showed up the night before.  they said that they'd seen the weather forming and felt incredibly bad for those poor fools heading out that morning - that would be us.  One of the ladies sounded sort of familiar, like I knew the accent.  Turns out she's from seattle and works at REI - she was my outfitter.  So she said she was sorry about our lack of a summit but wanted to know if he clothes worked or not.  They did.

All of that has sort of served to cement a feeling of mine that I'm a dirt hiker not a snow/ice hiker.  we're having another "normal" summit of 17.5 in a few days with no glacier and I aught to enjoy it more.  We'll see what happens for the last climb.

So now we're here in Otavalo - home of a famous market or two.  If you show up to the animal market early you can buy yourself a lamb or pig or whatever.  If you show up really early you can sometimes buy yourself a child.  The normal market is full of random art, blankets and nicknacks and will probably be where we spend most of our time.

I have pictures to share of training and driving and what not but most are film and those that are not are forever thwarted by this country's lack of USB ports.  Now it's time for a nap though.  An 8 hour summit attempt starting at midnight on about 3 hours of sleep can sort of drain you.

Peace to my peeps yo.


Sounds like your having a blast! are you going to be buying a lamb (aka sheep........), pig, or child?.....they can all be pretty useful.... REI is the bomb! I would max out my credit card there if I was still living in Colorado..tell her, her store rocks! Make sure your getting plenty of sleep...especially if you start doing the tough ascents....hmmm...maybe pick up a kid at the market and he can be your little midget sherpa....make those climbs easier....hehehe

Not sure how high is the city you are staying Peru every hotel/hostel had oxygen as part of room service. Even if you don't need it... you should ask for it since it's unique to the altitude areas in S. America. It's fun to see them roll in a big oxygen tank to your any other type of room service :)

Ah....a natural high.


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