Kings of Convenience

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I did the whole KEXP pledge drive thing and as such got invited to a Kings of Convenience concert - that was today. I actually didn't know who the band was; even after I found out I kept mixing them up with Kings of Leon (similar sound, very dissimilar music). It had a "lunch" before hand that consisted of some pretty good local chinese food served buffet style that was unfortunately beset with timing issues and took nearly a half hour to get through the 5 dish line.

But anyway, the show was a lot of fun. Held at the triple door which is apparently a much smaller venue than I envisioned. Bonus though, for whatever reason no one took the table right in front of the stage dead center! The artists were right there, you could hear them tuning their guitars between songs (mics off) and whispering to eachother in norwegian. It was a short set - only about an hour and a half - but they recorded it and then broadcast it "live" on KEXP at around 4:00. Sort of a mellow sound, kind of like simon and garfunkle, so generally enjoyable. Though it was a little strange; one of the two norse guys seemed to either be suffering from a flu or was emotionally crippled. The other guy had to keep leading him around and sort of treating him like a sullen child :) He'd drink a little from his many bottles of water then screw on the cap and just sort of let it fall from his hands.

Negative bonus; I also saw an old co-worker at the show. Soon to be a re-employed old co-worker. Someone that had a... difficult relationship with my team at work. Basically it means I get to ruin everyone's day on monday by letting them know he's back. I'm not sure if that's wickedly fun or just plain cruel. I'll find out when I do it :)


Comment on my own, whatever. Welcome Home Damon!! so... can I come visit you in hawaii?? :)

Of course...but I have a full house!


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