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It's been a draining couple of weeks, hence the lack of anything to say. Sum it up as I am newly single again. My doing but not my decision, ahh well - such is life.

So now I get to focus on wanting to travel again - which doesn't really sit well with the boss what with the recent expeditions and death rot and all :) But Vegas will have to do in the short term (go J) and I think I'm looking at Egypt or perhaps Isreal in the long term. Long term being October/November or so.

All I know is I generally have more to write about when I'm travelling and not quite so mentally distracted. I do hear and see some of the same strange stuff here - even at work - I just never remember to post it. Like the guy in the lunch room I overheard say " if I ever decide to leave *mumble* they'll arrest me at the airport". Man I wish I'd heard what he mumbled.



you don't really decide to leave parole. You're sort of done with that I would imagine. Plus if Ocean's 11 taught us nothing it's that you can fly from the east coast to vegas without your parole officer noticing anything. Or heck, Italian Job says you can get as far as venice.

tracks? The Force? clues? the U.S.? that giant Iguanna behind?

You don't _leave_ the Force, you just go to the Dark Side of it...

Although I have no doubt we could come up with several way to get arrested, Mikey :P.

Surely, we're more innocent than that... ;)

As long as others believe that we're innocent; that's all that matters. And don't call me Shirley.

I recommend a trip to the former eastern block and lots of fun...and I got home this morning at 0300 (Hawaii time) and am loving it! (got bumped up a week!) will still be chekcing the site even though the family grind will keep me busy!


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