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My boss walked in yesterday and asked me, "You like Sir Mix-a-Lot, right?". But of course. "He's coming to meet (our admin) for lunch this week, she thought you might want to join, would you be intersted in that?" OH HELL YEAH!

Now this hasn't happened yet and I personally give it only about a 30% chance of ever happening, but that's pretty damn good odds for a random lunch with mix :) The odds are so low since this is the same boss who asked me if I had a passport since they needed to fly me to england then came back 4 hours later and said "nevermind" (still bitter about that).

But besides random lunches with rap legands and working to rebuild myself at the gym I've got myself a nice all consuming project. Tell me what you think:

There was an article on Slashdot about the "utlimate D&D table" in which a guy had built a table with an overhead mounted projector to display whatever map or scenery he had concoted onto the table for his players to move around in. Pretty cool, but people immediately pointed out that it would be better to have the projector in the table and shoot up onto some kind of screen. That's improvement number 1. I told this to Matt and said that I thought another good improvement would be to have not only the ability to project dungeoun maps, but maybe have the board for every board game I own in there as well. Want to play monopoly? *dink*, up it pops. Same for scrabble, candyland, whatever. That's improvement number two. HE - brilliant industrial engineer that he is - suggested that you could really bring the thing to life by having some kind of script or macro or whatever for all of those games that require tedious setup. Want to play a game of Settlers of Catan? just click "random map" and it would display everything as you need it. That would be improvement number three. All of those things are possible and probably about the level I could pull off. Of course I kept expanding on it. Making the system an entire touchscreen so you could drag virtual pieces around. That probably won't happen since it would be insanely difficulat and/or insanely expensive to pull off properly. But still, a game table that contains every board game you ever want to play. Not bad. Could even build in some generic pieces and money to handle almost every typical game.

Hmm, now where to start aquiring parts...


Awesome! Dork.

yeah, you know you'd want one though. In other news, I want this like there's no tomorrow:

And Zack thinks I'm scary.

Awesome! I've been thinking it would be cool to do a website about islands of the world. And I've always wanted one of my own... ;)

Cool table...maybe you could have battle chess on it and that game C3-PO and Chewy played on the Falcon too....I'd be in line for one......Sir Mix?! well looks like your going to have to gain some weight and get you butt bigger if your going to meet know what he says...

Nice site, Tiff - that's basically how well I speak German... understandable, but not flattering... ;)

I can't decide if I like the Chinese candle the best ("keep this candle out of children") or the superglue ad.

So? Did you get to see the Mix? We're all dying to know...

You still alive out there?

must of meet Sir Mix-A-Lot and now working in one of his come-back videos...well make sure ya "shake it" good

Cool idea, but i think the pieces themselves would be better as real objects resting on the table -- tactile feedback is part of what's nice about playing a real board game.

i don't know who this "John" fellow is, but he's right. give me something tangible or give me death!


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