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Friday night was a good night for dashing assumptions. First to fall was the assumption that I was moderately descent at poker. Granted it's been a while, but going out in 6 hands is pretty pathetic. Of course so is going all in on a 4 card flush. In fairness I did also have a pair of threes, still not quite a monster hand.

Since Mike was quick to follow me to the status of "beer bitch" we decided it would be a good idea to not be in that house for a while and headed to see Sin City at the Cinerama. While in the comfy semi-reclining seats we talked shop and I pointed out the reverse closed captioning system in the theater. Basically you have these little semi-reflective mirrors that you can mount in the drink holder of the seat which then allow you to see the (reverse) close captioning screen mounted on the back of the theater. Shortly after explaining this a girl asks us if the two seats next to us are taken (no) and signs to her friend that they can sit here. They sit down and the first girl starts adjusting one of those mirror things for her friend and then another for herself, all while having a conversation with us and translating between to her friend. Impressed, I ask how long she's been signing. Her whole life - she's deaf too. I mean, damn. She's been having a conversation with us with just quick glances to do the lip reading, and no strange slurred speach. Quite impressive. That was second two fall.

Unfortunately three through five were not so interesting. Three was that a comic book adaptation by Robert Rodriguez and Quintin Terrentino would be good - awful awful awful was sin city! The second was that it is unwise for two scrawny little white guys to walk through downtown seattle at 1 am on an unlit street. I think more people were scared of us (me with freshly bleached hair and mike wearing a full body balistic kevlar suit). Finally it's that drunk people still retain a small ability to drive. A guy stopped dead still in the center lane of aruara avenue north followed a few miles later by a guy heading the wrong way down the northbound lane - and not even doing that correctly since he had swerved sideways into a barrier in front of a gas station. The police were trying to administer a drunk test but this guy was having a hard time keeping the world from falling over.

Huruon and the Sea of Stories is a thuroughly enjoyable play, I recommend it to anyone who wants something not too serious and very visually appealing.


speaking of Friday night, my misguided assumption: that it's not a terrible idea to match dudes shot for shot. I even remember saying, "This is a terrible idea!" and it was. Thanks Bill for carrying me to the couch where I promptly passed out. good times.

Good times... you were really scared about walking back to the car that night? That's what you get for growing up in the 'burbs... ;) And spell check shall by thy friend. Thanks, Bill (and the rest of you) for making Ab entertaining ;)

Way to misspell when you are dissing on someone else for misspelling. "And spell check shall by thy friend." I will kick your ASS in a spelling bee. in a typing bee too!

"I will kick your ASS in a spelling bee. in a typing bee too!" Remember this, kids: When starting a new sentence; capitalization is key. I will kick your ass in a spelling bee. In a typing bee too! However if one wished to combine Merriam's above statements...a semicolon would also be satisfactory. I will kick your ass in a spelling bee; in a typing bee too! Option #2 might be the better of the the second statement is a dangling participle (even though the verb is implied). -The Clown from the Grammar Rodeo

One time I hired a monkey to take notes for me in class. I would just sit there with my mind a complete blank while the monkey scribbled on little pieces of paper. At the end of the week the teacher said, "Class, I want you to write a paper using your notes." So I wrote a paper that said "Hello, my name is Bingo. I like to climb on things. Can I have a banana? Eek eek." I got an F. When I told my Mom about it she said "I told you never trust a monkey!" The end.

dude, i was like, just watching that yesterday. do you have my house bugged?



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