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This page will be the doom of me. Not directly of course, but as a corrilary of posting here. Any time I go about 2 weeks without writing anything I always think I should just post something random, whatever is on my mind, since nothing else interesting has happened. Sometimes I post, sometimes not, but invariably shortly after I have that thought (and post or not) something strange happens - generally to my detriment. This time I didn't post - and for my troubles I get... a root canal. Yeah I thought it was going to be a nice fun broken tooth, but no, just a standard root canal. And my boss is leaving. So broken teeth and no more buffer to keep the beuracracy of microsoft at bay.

But that's okay. It's served to steel my resolve to buy Gilligan's Island. Obviously a rename will be in order. I can't live on "Gilligan's Island".. Isle del Muerte perhaps. Only 45k... so tempting.

Finally, the world must share in the joy that is Kareoke for the Deaf.


Nice. I'd type something funny, but I'm on my way to a dentist for a root canal. Seriously.

Wow - it must be National Dentist Torture Day. Just got back from 1 1/2 hours of fun myself. Two crowns and a bridge. Yippee.

I feel that I should stop eating this cookie, go home, and tell my sonicare how much I love it.

I thought about having them just yank everything and replace them with those screw in titanium teeth. They look real.. ish. They're white at least, not shiney silver. Doctor Jeni seems to think it would be a bad idea, but I don't know - go around looking like Jaws, how cool would that be?

Damn, I guess I should finally call about having my wisdom teeth removed... :( It would only be cool to look like Jaws if you had the strength to wield them as well...

"Super Happy Fun Dentist Time" is done. The fact that Michael and I got into a minor car accident on the way back was a nice end to the day. dentist for all enjoy!

Shees root canal so soon?! Your dad will be able to commiserate - I think he had it done. Whatever led to this, try something new. Teeth...bones...similar family right Jeni?


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