Theivery and lunacy

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I've read a couple of articles/posts lately that talked about the virtues of listening to books on tape while you work out. I've got a wee radio/mp3 player thing and that sounds more appealing than listing to the local fox news affilate while I climb an endless flight of stairs and pointless push weight around. Anyway, I set about "legally aquiring" some listening material and decided to go with lectures over learning another language.

Fire up eMule and search for Audiobook Lecture... 962 results. Start off with Some Richard Feynmen and Steven Hawking, good physics stuff. *scroll scroll scroll*; we're into the financial stuff now, Warren Buffet and the like, obviously less popular. *scroll scroll scroll*; Hmm, classical mythology, interesting.

*scroll scroll scroll*

CIA Conspiracies...UFOs... The illuminati... Racial Purity. And there's a lot of this stuff. I'm kind of curious about the illuminati ones, but they probably contain hidden audio queues to set me on a killing rampage. They do that you know.. program you through your fillings while you sleep.


Personally. I'd go to the gym with that tinfoil hat of yours...definately will turn some heads with that while rockin' out to Black Holes and Baby Universes on the ol' stairmaster. Better go with some John Gribbin stuff instead...better writing pace for your workout.

Have you thought of listening to Rush Limbaugh? Urge... to... kill... must... run... faster... Could burn some serious calories... ;)


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