The least interesting conversation ever

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I flew out to visit ed yesterday - he's doing pretty well. They closed him up but he doesn't have a lot of blood in him so they're not too keen on moving him until his body produces more. Anyway, on the flight out I overheard what has to be the most boring converation ever to be uttered. And this includes the crap I write.

Conversation may not be the right term, anecdote is more accurate. A guy is regailing his travel partner with a story about using microsoft excel. It's not even "I was working for hours and it crashed right before the big meeting" - no that would be riveting compared to this. Some choice snippets were "I coppied the numbers straight from word, right, and I pasted them into excel. Then I summed them. And then I noticed it was off by a million. I was scared, but then I noticed I had accidentally typed a four twice. crazy huh?".

Of course I stood there and listened to it, so I suppose I can't really comment.


Am I the only person that pretends to be someone different on an Airplane? I don't do it neccesarily because I'm not happy with who I am, but I like to see people's reactions to different occupations, and draws out their opinions in an unbiased way. What I mean by that is I never say "I'm a pro athelete" or a millionaire etc. I'm not trying to impress people...I do it for my own amusement. For example: The Manager for the World's: Largest Flea Circus- or variations of several carnival lore: crab boy, etc. Hairiest Man (this juxtaposes with Bigfoot Hunter/Researcher) Sometimes I go the wierd route. Anyone that's been on a plane, or is over 25 and had a conversation with a stranger, knows that, like clockwork, the "So, what do you do" question will pop up. (After all it's one of those mindless things...the easiest way to talk without talking) Here I like to go with one word answers followed with a blank stare- "Pirate." or "Miner." The blank stare can be straight ahead or directly at the persons face. Priest used to work well, but now it's a little touchy (no punn intended) Anyway, thought I'd add my thoughts to the plane conversation thing. Norr

Pirate, I'm going to have to remember that - but Bigfoot researcher may win out just for the ability to continue the line of BS. I half expected you to descend into a tyrade against Ikea and DKNY clothing then announce you make and sell soap for a living. you were the pirate I talked to on the way to Vegas!

To be true to reality, you SAT there and listened.

Nope, stood there. It was out on the tarmac waiting to get into the little turboprop plane.


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