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Well that was a little odd. I needed an image of a security pass - something not really secure though, just a flashy looking badge with stripes and barcodes and whatnot - so I headed to google image search. "backstage pass" turns up some interesting images but they're all pretty well tied to a particular band and heavily themed so. "security pass" is a little too bland and focuses on things like corporate security badges. "All access pass"... Hardcore porn. Mixed with album covers for Hillary Duff - but a whole lot of porn. Come to think of it, I'm not really sure how the hell that got a lot of porn but "backstage" didn't. Reminiscent of "whistling jesus" turning up porn - who on earth would be looking for nudie picks with that phrase?


My work badge has a barcode and stripes. You want a scan of it?

Should I even ask why you need this?

And what's with the "no more mac mini" tagline? Didn't you just get that?

yeah I did, and returned it two days later. 7 crashes in 2 hours while setting up iPhoto, another 5 crashes later on just browsing the pictures. screw that.

At least Mac are efficent. It tried to give you the most amount of crashes possible in the shortest amount of time :P.

how does "whistling jesus" turn up porn? is that some sort of freaky move or something? should i even ask?


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