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My new house is next to a grave yard. Well, three houses away, it's not like part of my yard is fenced of with twisted wraught iron or anything. It's cool though, a whole verterans memorial with cannons and different rows for different wars. A seperate section for jewish graves as well as japanese graves; I'm really hoping this is more of a preference on the behalf of the segregatees and not that white coffins don't like being near tribal coffins. Anyway, I found out recently it's kosher to take your dog through there so Addie and I went off to consort with ghosts last night. Addie being addie I turned to look at a building for a second and turned back to find her crapping on a gravestone. I spent five minutes appolgizing to a marble slab covering a woman born in the mid 1800's. So I either believe in some form of afterlife or choose to anthropomorphize the strangest things.


Perfect... this year's halloween party is at Zack's place...

I apologize to random things as well - that either makes you normal or both of us insane... ;)

I vote for insane! Yay!

"The voices" disagree Tiff so that's like 47 to 1 for not insane, Ha!

Stupid gerry-mandering. The voices are obviously in another district; nay, another "state".

Give it up Zack, you cannot beat the sheer logic and amount of resources Tiff has to bend to her disposal. I mean look at me. I was eaten by a dragon months ago, and I'm still there. Argh.

Holy hell, I forgot about that. It took me a while to find the entry...I comment too often here :).


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