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I spent a good long while at the dog park on sunday, addie had been missing it what with all of the packing and moving and new cat. I'd forgotten the host of characters you meet there. A Boston & Pug mix that wiggled near uncontrollably and climbed into my lap despite being soaking wet. A huge sponge of a golden retriever that liked to shake off next to me. The huge wet chocolate lab with the grey muzzle that saunters over to lean against the back of my legs. Wait.. that's kind of warm. Nope, not leaning, pissing.

Yup, this giant fat brown lab with his happy smile and silver beard has just mistaken me for a tree, which is odd since I had been walking around quite a bit. The owner appologizes profusely and is embarrased and runs away with his dog. I'm just laughing the whole time. Of course I also wade into the water and shake pant leg around a little. Care or not I didn't want to attract others to compete in covering the other dog's scent.

Proud day.


Ahhh, I remember the time Lando did that to someone. Mortifying. One of those moments you wish you could ask the dog WTF goes on in that pea brain. *sniff sniff* hubcap or human leg?

New cat!

at least you had pants and shoes that could go in the water! and since you mention the "silver beard" on the dog, it's probably old and can't see anyway, were your pants brown? they probably looked like a tree to him...

They were blue, and up until very recently I had been moving around.


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