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Someone decided to torch a church on my route home today. Huge billowing pillar of black smoke came up from the far side of the street. Okay, it was a controlled burn, the fire trucks were standing by, but it was still kind of strange to see a steeple go up in flames. Everyone gathered around to watch too, stayed for quite a while. I'm hoping it's because the flames were entrancing and not because everyone really really hated that church for some reason.

It touched on the primitive portion of the brain, that's for sure. Some guy at the bonfire last night had an interesting thought about that. He wondered what the first cave man that got fire, but didn't know how it worked, thought about. He'd keep that flame stoked but eventually it was going to run out and then he'd be all sad and pissed at the same time. Come on fire god, give me another chance, I don't want to die cold. You want a sacrifice? maybe some nice bear.

Word from Iowa is that mexican food in the mid west is a crime against nature. Picture a nice plate sized borrito, right. Only it only has ground beef in it. Unseasoned ground beef. And the cheese is on the outside. And it's velvita.


Velveeta on a burrito? *shudder* So cold, so very very cold.

mmmmmmm Velveeta.....hey, I'm from Iowa give me a break!

"velveeta" - if only I knew how to spell. Or bothered to use a spell checker. I'd probably appear far less ignorant :) So damon, any advice for the newly transplanted newly weds? like, "don't let your dog outside during august or the locusts will carry her away" ?

Don't worry Zack, if not for your spelling, we'd have one less thing to make fun of you with.

They must eat at Taco John's for fast food mexican...granted it's about as mexican as taco bell...but it is good!...why do they live in Iowa?

I meant where not why....duh...

Hospital residency. Though you never know, jeni may pop on and explain it all herself. She has promised a picture of the the mexican attrocity.

where in Iowa?...

Damon, my residency is not far from your Waterloo home. Sorry to be cagey, but as Zack pointed out to me, there is a risk in putting out info that my computer savvy patients may have access to. So far we are finding a lot we like about the area and the other residents are great. We are going to throw our own Mexican dinner, and show them the way food should taste. The attending from LA loved that idea.

You should have Scotty brew up some batches of beer to go with it. That and his molé sounds like the would be a 1526% improvement over what Zack described you guys as having eaten the other night.

Let me add my description: Wednesday night, we pick a mexican restaurant at random from a list on the internet. We drive 9 minutes (everything is 9 minutes away here) and find the parking lot nearly full. Good sign, we think. Walk in. First warning sign: no hispanic people in sight. Take a table, look at the menu. Nothing is in Spanish. Hmmmm. We order margaritas since it's happy hour. Scott's on the rocks, mine blended. It comes in a plastic glass with a cacus for the stem. The biggest problem, it's like a Vegas margarita - out of a machiene. We should have left right then. But instead we ask the (white) waitress whats good. She recommends the barritos. Fine. We will share a bean and beef barrito special. When it comes - two flour tortillas wrapped around what must have been a pre-cook weight of two pounds of plain ground beef and a little bit of refried beans. All covered with "spicy cheese" = Velveeta. It was worse than Taco Bell. Time to start sending care packs from Trader Joes!

Jeni- totally understand..lots of weirdos out there...even Zach figured out who I was from another web site..still waiting for him to show up on my doorstep one of these days...LOL

No one stalks the stalkers.

Poor poor Scottie (and Jeni) - condemned to a city with poor Mexican food... hopefully at least you can make it yourself (I recall in Berlin you couldn't even buy tortillas or refried beans... :( No worries on the misspelling, Zack - Velveeta doesn't deserve to be spelled correctly... ;)

Living there my first 18 years of my life...I'm surprised that there isn't better Mexican food, considering all the Mexican's that now live there......Just have to say that I got around to finally watching the new Batman movie...which is hard to believe since I'm a huge comic geek (blow way to much money every month on them)....Should of went and saw it weeks ago...AWESOME movie! only a few more days till Marvel's first family is on the screen!!!

:) Jeni & Scotty, I am glad you are having fun there... I just came back from California. Your mom even put me up at your grandpa's place for a night so I found this little mexican place nearby that was great...no velveeta cheese :p


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