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These last two days have been nearly entirely devoted to seeing Scott and Jeni off on their long journey to Iowa City - home for the next three years. Friday was a long late night getting all of their stuff packed into the 15 foot moving van and the car that would be trailing behind it. They scraped down the driveway at around 11:30pm to head to their temporary beds. We thought the truck was riding a little low at the time, so very horribly true. This 15 foot truck had a maximum cargo weight of 2600 pounds, 3000 pounds at "real" maximum. We figured maybe they were a little over.

7000 pounds. Three and a half tons of crap had been packed into this little truck - efficiently mind you, it was like real life tetris - but obviously not a usable weight. I found out these specifics earlier this morning when I got the call to please come help. Thankfully finding a bigger truck wasn't that difficult (this one could carry six tons). Transferring items was like watching two giant metalic insects mate. The larger female truck backed up to the engorged male truck. Their rear thoraxes joined the male truck dispersed its load into the the female trucks vacant "holding area" and... well that's as far as I've thought that sick little metaphor through. Probably too far actually.

But now they're off, or will be tomorrow. A total of about 36 hours of driving, maybe longer since the truck can't go above 60 miles per hour, and they'll be in Iowa. Since Jeni is now a full resident, legions of med students eager to suck up will (hopefully) be there to help them unpack. It's good to be the queen.

In slightly more mundane observations I've determined I'm much more comfortable with contractors and general "underlings" than I am with "overlings" at microsoft. I had a lunch on thursday with the contractors and we talked about good music and where in peru is the best place to learn whatever the hell. On friday it was lunch with my managers and their boss (arguably somewhat stressful) where they talked about seeing Disney land for the fourth time and the strengths of the suburban vs. the hummer. We also ate okay thai at the thursday deal compared to overpriced steaks on friday so that could be it. Who know. I guess I'll just have to quit and travel to peru, it seems the only logical conclusion to draw.

I have not been peed on so far this weekend. It is only satuday though.


I found most amazing that the small truck was literally fully packed - all the way to the ceiling, and all the way to the back, with just enough of a space to close the door. And perfectly flat at the back. Wow. Yes, sick little metaphor went way too far. Where does Disney land?

We made it! Two and a half hours for Scott and I to unpack the boxes, and a hour or two with help from the residency director and another R1 to pull the big stuff off. The AC is working and clearly the computer was one of the first things to be set up. Thanks to all that helped us move (especially Zack and my parents for doing it twice!)

Fine fine, it's "disneyland" you pedantic bastard :) We must find some good USB speakerphones or something for communcating while playing. No talking (even with typing) makes it kind of pointless, eh jeni?


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