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My time as a groomsman has come and gone - at least for now, another run in august - and it turned out to be quite fun. The bride wanted a wonderfully short ceremony so there wasn't the "standing for 2 hours trying not to sway" problem; My duties consisted mostly of being a gnome, making sure things miraculously went smoothly so the couple didn't have to worry about too much. Herding guests around, managing cars and cake, it was definately the most enjoyable time I've had at a wedding. Plus I got to wear a cool suit, which always makes me feel a bit like james bond. Unfortunately now it's time to help Scott and Jeni pack up to move to Iowa for three years. So sad. Except that there are plans to meet in colorado for skiing every year, so that's good. I think I need to quit my job so I can travel more and pop in more than once a year.


Yes, it's time to mourn the SilverStar trips... I'm hoping someone will be able to still set one up this year - as I get time off pretty much only between Christmas and New Year's, it's doubtful if I'll be able to make the Colorado or Utah trip this year if it's at another time... Quitting work and travelling... a utopia that unfortunately will be a while off for me...

Congrat to Scott and Jeni. Long live Silver Star, and the drinking games that ensue on New Year's. Was reminded at the wedding of how much people's parents read this blog; I must remember to swear and offend folks more often here.

Why are they moving to Iowa?'s another Damon tidbit, That's my home state....although haven't lived there for over 12/13 on my way there for two weeks to visit the family....oh, and I lived in Colorado for two years...wait a second...this isn't my blog...

Blog away Damon, it's the comments that make it worth reading. Moving to iowa so The Mrs. can be a doctor - emergency room doc as far as I understand things. Some 3 year residency or whatever it's called.

Medical stuff huh?...Iowa City?...I'm from Waterloo


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