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When camping with geeks be prepared for oddities. We love to prepare. Need a tent? We've got more tents than people. Thermarest? No spares, but we do have a full size queen inflatable bed.

Eggs? 11.5 dozen. 138 eggs for 14 people. You could say there was a miscommunication. The seven pounds of bacon was about right. the dozen forks for 3 days was not. Tarp coverings with secondary tension wires to ensure it didn't move in the wind. Rearranging the firepit for optimal thermal distribution. You really have to love geeks.

National park nazis though, those I could have lived without. I see you've got a dog there. Even though you're surrounded by thousands of miles of forest filled with bears and yetis and whatever you're going to need to keep her on a leash. At all times. Or tie her to a tree when you're sleeping. Obviously a little civil disobediance was in order, thankfully no ticket. Quiet hours were also apparently 10 pm even though we occupied nearly the entire camp ground. But it's cool.

The drive home brough crazy women jumping from slowly moving cars to pet my dog, underpriced cherries and overpriced buffalo jerky, a band so god awful that it stopped and backed up traffic for 4 miles. Seriously, if you're going to sing irish drinking songs at an open air concert it helps to have 1) an irish accent, 2) a sense of rythm 3) tone. well maybe not that last one.


Yeah, seriously - I was going to ask you about that crazy woman. What was the deal?!? I thought for sure you were going to peel out and drive away when she jumped from the car and started trying to molest Addy (Addie?)

Yeah, you don't realize how dirty you are until you get back home and to the shower - boy, that felt good. The veritable army of gummy bears in my sleeping bag, with the escaping regiment ending up in my shoe was my favorite part. Thanks, Ab.

i swear i didn't put any gummy bears in your shoes. honest! but you did get an extra large army just for being a Taylor.

Hey, what can I say? The gummi bears got bored with all of you out hiking :)

Did any of you have to go shopping with Justyn for the food beforehand?

Nope - that's why we had 138 eggs, seven pounds of bacon, 12 pounds of gummi bears, and one roll of paper towels. . .


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