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I saw tank girl sing the blues on saturday. Her stage name is Esthero, I have no idea what her real name is, but she looks quite a bit and sounds nearly exactly like Lori Petty - aka Tank Girl. She's up on the stage singing great upbeat caribbean funk fusion and I'm loving it and the crowd is too. Then she goes more soulful, all smooth and jazzy and it's nice too, but then she slips into kind of a deep depressing sound and never comes back out for the next hour. I don't think I would have minded had she not gotten us all going with the faster fun stuff early on.

Ed was with too and we spent about 50% of our time trying to determine which of the clusters of girls were lesbian couples and which were just there together - capital hill after all. The other 50% of the time was devoted to fending away the gay men. Maybe it's the fact that I was dancing, something most straight men don't apparently do at that club, but I would be quite content to go the rest of my life and never see a look that could be described as "smoldering" in another guys eyes. But I'm happy I only had to deal with eyes, Ed is apparently quite pinchable.

A smallish 4th party at mikes with no snakes or tanks so sadly no Miles screaming like a little girl.


i missed miles screaming too.. but at least we got to reminisce about it. i'm surprised he didn't scream when we did the pinata.

Poor Ed.

You know he liked it...

Sadly, I bet he did. Still, I'm guess he's easy prey...he can't run as fast as Zack :).


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