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I went to an interview the other day, see about not working for the soul crushing monstrosity that I currently work for. I spent about 50% of the time wondering if I really wanted this job, and generally coming to the conclusion "no". I got done with it and they contacted me later that evening to say that they didn't want to offer me that job but they were happy to offer me a very similar - but techically different - job. Still not sure what to do. Just start my own company, that's probably the best route.

Then I met up with Martin last night so he could work on his review and I could peruse the local Barnes and Nobel, only we happend to be there on the night that Harry Potter was being released. All of the employees had to wear little fake round black glasses and a lot of them had lightning bolts stamped to their heads. They instituted a wrist band scheme so as to control the rioting. I think J.K. Rowling is secretly building herself an army, the uniform seems to be a hit. The college women mixed with the hyper developed highschoolers, confusing martin to no end.


Ahem...I recall it was you trying to get me to join a table with a couple of girls that turned out to be high school senior aged girls... I grew out of that age bracket about oh... a year ago? :) From still writing my review for the soul crushing monstrosity, Martin

Finished the book yesterday.

I wish the college women would of mixed with me when I was a hyper developed highschooler......

Damon. Search for Lindsey Lohan as a character from Harry Potter and you'll get an idea of what some of the crowd was like :) Martin can attest, even if he tries to pin it on me. Liar.

Funny...I thought she'd be Ginny.

But Hermo-ninny is such the obvious love interest/tease. Or are you inadvertantly letting something from the new book slip? You have! You've ruined it. I have to kill you now tiff, sorry, it's the rules.


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