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They had a "firesale" today at work, getting rid of all of the old "crappy" standard TVs since all of the game developers now apparently require High Def TVs. Fine, waste of money but good for me, right? Lots of people show up, big line, I end up not getting anything. A couple people near me talk of maybe getting one for their kid to play games on. Good idea, I think, and minimal cost when they break it. I'm not surprised that the good ones went quickly but there was one fellow, one of the first few in line, who swooped in and bought 30% of the flat TVs. The guy seriously carts away a half dozen flat TVs and a few normal ones. There are now mutinous talks of murder in the ranks around me. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, so a few options exist in my mind.
  1. He really likes TV, a lot, and wants to have a whole wall of TVs. This does not seem likely given the wide variety of shapes and sizes he got.
  2. He's buying gifts for all of his family. Who don't like to talk to eachother so each require their own TV.
  3. He's planning on just selling them all in the classifieds since, working at microsoft, he's obviously hard up for cash.
I sure hope it's #1.


really not a comment on this, But getting a vasectomy is not any fun!!!! Glad I don't have to do that agian!

Gah! Do we want to know details? I mean, I'm sort of morbidly curious but I also really don't want to think about it :)

No you really don't...I got to my 1000 appt at 0930, they brought me back to the area to get my vitals, then I just sat in the back for an hour, waiting for the doctor..finally at 1100 (lots of time to run away...but the wife wouldn't let me) I get in the room and have two female nurses prep me...of course one is training the other so I'm basically just lying on the table for the world to see while she does her, fun, fun..... Then, after laying on the table for 15-20 minutes, the Doctor comes in with a guy he's training....he then proceds to give me a testicular exam, to show me how to give one to myself every month...they have to keep numbing me up cause it's not working very well....after getting the first side done...(after about 20 minutes) they then proced to the other side and start the whole process agian...'cept they ran out of the numbing 2 more people come into the room to help the doctor get re-supplied...and basically the same thing happens on this side...the smell of burning flesh and smoke....(fun, fun, fun)...after that's done the nurses come back in to clean me up.... Now I'm walking around all funny (still) feeling like I got kicked in the jewels (uhhhhhhh).....all brusied (real pretty) and the hair that was shaved is now growing back in..(ouch!)......only good thing aboutit was laying in bed all after noon watching all three extended versions of The Lord of the Rings... From my wife owes me BIG time

way to kill the conversation, dude.

Well I did ask him for details... I'm not really happy knowing what it's like, but I did ask for it :)

Wow. So is it like when people take their dog to the vet to get fixed? Do you get a collar put on in an effort to stop from...

I just got my cone off!


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