Gold diggers and cheapskates

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I'm learning spanish using the Pimsler lessons. They're pretty good, the technique works well, but their sample conversations are a little disturbing.

That was good meal. I'm going to the bathroom.
And what am I going to do?
You? Woman, you're going to pay.

You don't have any money?
But you're american!

And my favorite, the alcoholic:

You're going to dring 3 beers?
Yes, in only 7 or 8 minutes.

I can only begin to speculate what the conversations will be like once I learn the word for "Bedroom".


Woman, you're going to pay. That could be taken a few different ways... ;)

and you wonder why you're single.

oh, harsh. And I don't wonder, I know exactly why :)

I can't picture Mikey wondering why he is single, but rather reveling in the pure joy of it.

*revel* *revel*


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